Just Bein' Honest
Just 20bein 20honest

The "JBH" Podcast is here to Inspire people to dramatically enhance their Health, Well-Being and Lifestyle by providing an Honest perspective and Knowledge on eating ‘Real Food’. The less toxins you put in your body, the less toxins that are out in the environment.

It's about creating a life full of sourcing transparency, mental freedom and physical harmony!

This is "True Food for Thought"... We are getting deep.

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    Episode 83 : LONGEVITY roots in HOW you SLEEP.

    Guest Richard Jacobs, the creator of The Good Night's Sleep Project, shares how quality sleep is VITAL to our overall health and longevity for disease prevention.

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    Episode 77 : Innovating Air - A New Level of Clean with Blue Box Air Creator

    Jim Metropoulos is the CEO/Founder of Blue Box Air, LLC.  Blue Box™ is a new generation cleantech startup based out of Los Angeles, CA that is pioneering a new model for how to improve the energy efficiency, carbon footprint, and indoor air quality of commercial and industrial buildings with its patented process for cleaning and disinfecting the HVAC system.

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    Episode 76 : RECAST - LAUREN SCRUGGS KENNEDY on creating a life of BALANCE and how CELERY JUICE is cleaning her focus.

    Let's hear this one again, because it's a favorite! Today’s episode with Lauren is a genius discussion covering everything from her petrifying airplane accident that flipped her world upside-down, to her healthiest on the go travel habits, OH and why celery juice reigns royalty in her mornings! We also dive in deep to share this entrepreneurs truth of “How to truly find an authentic relationship living in Los Angeles?”

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