Just Bein' Honest
Just 20bein 20honest

The "JBH" Podcast is here to Inspire people to dramatically enhance their Health, Well-Being and Lifestyle by providing an Honest perspective and Knowledge on eating ‘Real Food’. The less toxins you put in your body, the less toxins that are out in the environment.

It's about creating a life full of sourcing transparency, mental freedom and physical harmony!

This is "True Food for Thought"... We are getting deep.

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    Episode 65 : How to RUN TOWARD what you truly desire.

    Rodolfo Young is a Man on a Mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts. Most of us are RUNNING AWAY instead of RUNNING TOWARDS what we truthfully want. How to unveil the path toward your deepest truths.

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    Episode 63 : How to MAKE SPACE to HEAL.

    The better you know yourself the better you can make SPACE to HEAL. Did you know that, weather changes may trigger headaches and migraine symptoms. How to recognize environmental changes and how to combat the pain without drugs.

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    Episode 62 : WHY you should be taking SILVER.

    A GUT - BRAIN healing practice for those ready to shift their health alignment! Dr. Gordon Pedersen shares how incorporating SILVER in to your health regimen can rid your BAD BACTERIA while maintaining the GOOD!

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    Episode 61 : LIVING TEA's Colin Hudon on creating a WELLNESS THRESHOLD

    Owner and founder Colin Hudon developed Living Tea through his lifelong immersion in Tea and Tao.  As an herbalist, acupuncturist, and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he discovered through the Tea ceremony a means of sharing the extraordinary depth of these Oriental Traditions in the West.

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    Episode 60 : HYDRATION - Skin's ultimate source for ANTI-AGING

    I share some secrets about HYDRATION and how it can have a dramatic effect on the anti-aging of your skin! It's not simply about just drinking clean and filtered water, BUT it's about what you are putting on top of your skin itself - I'm talking ingredients and all about vitamins and minerals included.

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